Celebrity Yearbook Superlatives: Vote For Class Clown

Senior superlatives are one of those funny high school traditions that count for nothing, except the winners get immortalized in the thick bound pages of yearbooks, preserved forever. Largely a popularity contest–like high school in general–superlatives tend to reaffirm a person’s place in high school society: the jock, the musician, the shy kid, the really hot girl and so on. Kind of like “The Breakfast Club,” only John Hughes doesn’t direct high school.

Celebrities were once high school students too, and probably some of them won “Most Likely To Succeed” or “Most Ridiculously Good Looking.” Not Russell Brand, though–he was kind of chubby and still a way from his prime. That goes to show you that superlatives aren’t terribly accurate once the ink dries. They are fun, though.

It’s yearbook time right now in many high schools, but right now it’s celebrity superlative time, where we’ve picked eight common superlative categories and pitted famous people against one another in each group. All week we’ll be rolling out categories and you should vote for your favorites. Here we go, beginning with the funny guys.


In high school, the class clown is that really funny and occasionally disruptive person. Same goes for celebrities, only they get paid for it.

Young (Glover) and less young (Ferrell), all of these guys are absolutely hysterical. With plenty of overlap, their careers cover the comic spectrum from stand-up, movies, television, web and jackass-ery. The candidates are: Zach Galifianakis, Donald Glover, Will Ferrell, Johnny Knoxville and Daniel Tosh.

Photos: Getty Images