2011 MTV Movie Awards GIFs: Best Audience Reactions

Sometimes the best part of seeing something outrageous on an awards show is watching how famous people react to it. Year after year, the MTV Video Music Awards and the MTV Movie Awards offer up new shocking moments, but no matter how many times they’ve been in the audience, celebs always see something that catches them off-guard. Here are five of those instances–in animated GIF form, natch.

5. Meg White Laughs

We didn’t know poker-faced Meg White, drummer of The White Stripes, knew how to smirk, let alone smile and laugh. However, when host Jimmy Fallon spoofed her band’s song “Fell In Love With A Girl” at the 2002 Video Music Awards, she couldn’t hold a straight face.

4. Betty White’s Standing Ovation

At the 2010 Movie Awards, Betty White experienced one of her many comebacks throughout her long career at 88 years old. In honor of that, the audience at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards did something celebrities rarely due: exert unnecessary energy. All except Paris Hilton, who just seemed confused.

3. Kiss Cam

Russell Brand and Jonah Hill showed up at last year’s awards to promote their new movie “Get Him to the Greek” and found themselves on the jumbo screen during the Kiss Cam segment. Without hesitating, the boys started sucking face like high-schoolers in springtime.

2. JT Reacts To Britney and Madonna

Do you remember a time when the most scandalous thing Britney Spears had done was break up with Justin Timberlake? The year was 2003, and it was a more innocent time. She shocked the world by kissing Madonna onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards, and JT does not seem happy about that.

1. The Reaction To Butt

We know now that Eminem’s reaction to Borat’s butt was staged, but his disgust seems so believable. We don’t know if his entourage knew about the prank beforehand because they start really pushing the swinging “fairy” around, even throwing a few punches to the delight of Cameron Diaz.