2011 MTV Movie Awards Host Jason Sudeikis’ Funniest Characters

On June 5, Jason Sudeikis will join an elite group of comedians who have hosted the MTV Movie Awards, which includes Dennis Miller, Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Mike Myers, Jimmy Fallon, Jack Black and Sarah Silverman to name a few. The “Saturday Night Live” cast member and costar of the upcoming movie “Evil Bosses” has some big shoes to fill. If the 2011 MTV Movie Awards promos Sudeikis shot and his past work are any indication, viewers may just laugh so hard they urinate (at least a little). To prep your bladder, we offer the six funniest characters of Sudeikis’ career.

6. Fred in “Hall Pass”

While the Farrelly Brothers’ “Hall Pass” received lower reviews than many of their movies (besides stinker “The Heartbreak Kid”), Sudeikis still shines in his first leading movie role. Fred is that perverted friend we all have who, no matter how creepy he gets, you cannot help but laugh with (or at). The killer pickup lines alone are reason to watch this flick.

5. Pete Twinkle

A former high school basketball star and major Kansas Jayhawks fan, Sudeikis has obviously watched a ton of sports on TV. The recurring “SNL” sketch “ESPN Classic” features Sudeikis and Will Forte as ’70s commentators Pete Twinkle and Greg Stink. They cover obscure ladies’ sporting events. Sudeikis has the voice, delivery and mustache down, and plays a great straight man to Forte’s crazy Stink.

4. Floyd DeBarber in “30 Rock”

To start dating Floyd, Liz Lemon fires his girlfriend and lies about being an alcoholic so she can go to AA with him. Despite starting off rocky, Liz and Floyd make a great couple and she almost moves to Cleveland to be with him. Good thing she didn’t because it’s in Cleveland where Floyd meets his future wife, which led to the Drunken Floyd episode. Liz tries to give Floyd food poisoning to ruin his wedding, but instead he gets drunk on his alcohol-based salmon sauce and goes on a binge that lands him crashing the “Today” show. Fun fact, the name Floyd DeBarber comes from the character Floyd the Barber on “The Andy Griffith Show.”

3. Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden goes out of his way to prove he’s a regular guy and not a “career politician.” Sudeikis capitalizes on this when impersonating Biden on “SNL” and includes comical gaffes, folksy wisdom and blue-collar references in every sketch. Two standout lines from Sudeikis: 1) “When things can’t get any worse, it’s Biden time!” 2) “Don’t be whiners, think about the miners.”

2. Male A-Hole

This is the first character that really distinguished Sudeikis during his first season as a featured player on “SNL.” The “Two A-Holes” sketches features him and Kristen Wiig as the biggest douche-bag couple you’ve ever seen. They incorporate every horrible trait from the likes of Paris Hilton, Spencer Pratt and Wall Street brokers, and turn it into sidesplitting comedy.

1. Overzealous Breakdancer

This may seem like a surprising choice for the top spot. Overzealous Breakdancer isn’t even the featured character in the recurring “SNL” sketch “What’s Up With That?” However, there is a simple genius to his performance. No matter how many times Sudeikis plays the part, he always seems as invested as the first time. Sudeikis comes from the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre, where the motto for creating great comedy is “Don’t Think.” The same can be said for how to enjoy Overzealous Breakdancer.

Images: Hulu