Better Off Red: 13 Famous Ladies We Prefer As Gingers

It’s a sad reality that the ginger-topped folks among us sometimes get treated like, well, redheaded stepchildren. But that shouldn’t be the case, considering how many very lovely ladies have dabbled with red hair dye.

We happen to think the following famous flame-haired ladies actually look better when they break away from boring old blonde (or brunette). See what we mean after the jump.

Blake Lively

A recent infusion of ginger makes Lively look a bit less generic. (And it may have helped her snag Leo.)

Christina Hendricks

The “Mad Men” star started dying her hair red at age 10, even though she went platinum in the late ’90s Playboy spread above. We knew there was something fake about her.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki always keeps her colorist busy, but this fiery ‘do best suits her explosive style.

Kirsten Dunst

Dunst went red to play Mary Jane Watson and never looked better.

Gillian Anderson

Special Agent Scully may have been a carrot top, but in real life Anderson is blonde.

Emma Stone

Stone is back to her natural blonde, which is too bad because ginger tresses went perfectly with her sultry voice.

Drew Barrymore

Red hair suits Barrymore’s quirky personality (instead of whatever that two-tone style was).

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee has always been about drastic changes in hair color. She should just stick to red.

Milla Jovovich

While it’s not as red as it was in “The Fifth Element,” Jovovich has gone back to the hair color that made her famous.

Laura Prepon

Producers asked Prepon to dye her hair red when she played girl-next-door Donna on “That ’70s Show.”


The singer has messed around with all sorts of of shades of red, but our favorite is this sexy ‘do.

Scarlett Johansson

Recently, Scarlett’s hair color has been more befitting of her name.

Claire Danes

Danes has been getting blonder and blonder since her days as Angela Chase on “My So-Called Life.”

Photos: Getty Images