Scotty McCreery And 7 Other Musicians Who Look Like Cartoons

As striking as “American Idol” winner Scotty McCreery‘s deep voice is, it will never be the most striking thing about him. While Mad Magazine hasn’t been relevant in at least 20 years, it is still impossible not to think of their mascot Alfred E. Neuman when laying eyes on McCreery. Calling the singer “Scotty McHotty” is like calling a huge bouncer “Tiny.” However, his cartoonish looks didn’t stop him from running away with the votes on “American Idol,” and his Neuman likeness will not keep him from being a country star. Plenty of popular musicians look like cartoon characters. We found seven more, in fact. See the proof after the jump.

Cee Lo Green and Mushmouth

It’s a rare sight to see “The Voice” judge and “Forget You” singer Cee Lo without his sunglasses. That’s because he’s trying to hide the fact he looks like Mushmouth from “Fat Albert.”

Taylor Swift and Gadget

The smartest thing Chip and Dale ever did was start the Rescue Rangers, hire Gadget as their mechanic and introduce the world to the cutest mouse cartoon ever. Taylor Swift may be gorgeous, but she owes her image to Gadget.

Dave Navarro and Duke Igthorn

With the greasy goatee and eyeliner, Dave Navarro has always resembled a cartoon villain. It’s tough to name which one exactly, until stumbling on Duke Igthorn from the short-lived “Gummi Bears” cartoon from the ’80s.

Prince and Jafar

Aladdin becomes a prince at the end of the movie, but it’s his evil nemesis Jafar who looks most like Prince. You’ve got the pencil-thin mustache, the way their lips curl and the fact they’re both sorcerers who occasionally wear talismans and magic robes.

Jay-Z and Joe Camel

We’re certainly not the first source to point this likeness out. There are a number of photo-shoots that appear as if Jay-Z is intentionally posing like a Joe Camel advertisement. Especially when Hova smokes a cigarette.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and Lion-O and Panthro

“Thundercats! Hooooooo!” When Marc Anthony stands next to his wife J. Lo, it’s tough not to see them as the princess and the troll. Her beauty, the height difference…it’s all too much. However, when their both seated and staring seriously into the camera, they are unmistakably one of the greatest duos of all time: Lion-O and Panthro from the “Thundercats.” The catlike features, her big hair and his pointy ears make them nearly an exact match.

Images: Getty, Mad Magazine, Camel Cigarettes, YouTube