EXCLUSIVE: Aubrey Plaza Agrees To Play Lead In Live-Action ‘Daria’

Exclusive to Clutch and Aubrey Plaza’s nearly 50,000 Twitter followers: Talented, funny (and hot) Aubrey has accepted Clutch’s nomination to play the title character in a live-action version of ‘Daria’. Did you just wet your pants a little too?

Clutch posted a poll last week asking fans to decide which Daria look-alike should get the honor of sporting Daria‘s frames and shooting sharp darts of wit. After more than 11,000 votes cast, Aubrey emerged the victor. Then we shared this news with Aubrey.

Click on for the heated contract negotiation and power struggle that followed.

Boom! That’s how you negotiate!

To the suits on the ninth floor: Write the check and let us get to work. We’ve already cast the rest of the rest of the movie, even though we’re not members of the Casting Society of America. But now that Aubrey’s in the bag, we’re certain that Ellen Page (as Jane) will follow, with filming set to begin somewhere between this fall and our dreams.

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