Casting A Live-Action ‘Daria’ Movie

Last week we asked you to vote for the actress you thought should play Daria in a live-action movie of the classic MTV show “Daria.”

Of the eight nominees, you selected deadpan “Parks and Recreation” hottie Aubrey Plaza for the titular role, a choice we couldn’t have been any more pleased with because, as mentioned, she’s who we would have also selected.

So to reward your good taste, we’ve cast the rest of our pretend “Daria” movie.

You can check it out after the jump, and make sure to comment on our genius picks below.

Aubrey Plaza as Daria

So Aubrey, our readers have elected you to the title role of a movie that we neither have the authority nor the resources to make. We expect you will respond to this honor with the sarcasm and disdain that made you a contender in the first place.

Ellen Page as Jane

Ellen Page was also in the running for Daria, and finished a close second to Plaza in the voting. Which is for the best, as Page’s Northern accent and somewhat Sapphic vibe make her the perfect Jane.

Emily Osment as Quinn

Not only does the singer and former “Hannah Montana” star have the right voice and attitude to pull off Daria’s younger sister’s aggressive snobbery, but Osment is actually still a teenager!

Adrian Grenier as Trent

The Trent character seemed to be based on Jakob Dylan, who’s now too old at 41 to take on the role of Jane’s older brother and Daria’s crush. Adrian Grenier has the right look, and is at least still in his 30s.

Will Ferrell as Jake Morgendorffer

Ferrell could have a whole lot of fun with Mr. Morgendorffer’s goofy cluelessness and unbridled rage. Isn’t that the type of role he always plays anyway?

Annette Bening as Helen Morgendorffer

She would just need to channel her high-octane career women character from “American Beauty.”

Dianna Agron as Brittany

Agron already plays a queen bee cheerleader who gets around on “Glee,” and she would only have to knock about 40 IQ points off that portrayal to make for an excellent Brittany.

James Van Der Beek as Kevin

Yes, he would need a stiff round of Botox before he could believably play a teenager, but Van Der Beek wore the shoulder pads so well in “Varsity Blues,” it’s a shame to see him constantly waste that talent in non-shoulder-pad-wearing roles.

Christopher Walken as Mr. Demartino

Pretty much a perfect match. And if you doubt for a second that the Oscar winner and icon would appear in such a supporting role, just check out his “I-really-really-love-to-cash-checks” filmography.

Photos: Getty Images