25 GIFs Of Soul-Crushing Wrestling Finishing Moves

In professional wrestling, it’s not good enough to be athletic and charismatic and talk a mean game. A star needs a finishing move. Every major player from Iron Sheik to Kevin Nash to The Rock to John Cena had (or has) a finisher–a brutal move that jacked up the crowd, put an exclamation point on a match and put the opponent to sleep. The greatest finishers defined the star. Even in a brotherhood of large, sweaty men in tights, it’s tough to stand out.

The most electric finishing moves are as varied as the wrestlers themselves. There’s submission holds, off-the-ropes moves, slams, kicks and stunts that can’t be neatly defined, and all the variations on each kind. We hope you’re prepared for a wrestling nostalgia blast to the face, because it’s about to begin, GIF-style, which means it’s on repeat. (In no particular order after the jump.)

1. Stunner (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

2. Tombstone (Undertaker)

3. Diamond Cutter (Diamond Dallas Page)

4. Sharp Shooter (Bret Hart)

5. Rock Bottom (The Rock)

6. Atomic Leg Drop (Hulk Hogan)

7. Chokeslam (Kane)

8. Jack Knife Power Bomb (Kevin Nash)

9. RKO (Randy Orton)

10. Figure Four Leg Lock (Ric Flair)

11. Sweet Chin Music (Shawn Michaels)

12. Rude Awakening (Ravishing Rick Rude)

13. VanDaminator (Rob Van Dam)

14. Piledriver (Mr. Wonderful)

15. Camel Clutch (Iron Sheik)

16. Perfect Plex (Mr. Perfect)

17. Pedigree (Triple H)

18. Jackhammer (Goldberg)

19. DDT (Jake “The Snake” Roberts)

20. Flying Elbow Drop (Randy “The Macho Man” Savage)

21. Razor’s Edge (Scott Hall)

22. Clothesline from Hell (Bradshaw)

23. Buzzsaw Kick (Tajiri)

24. Ankle Lock (Kurt Angle)

25. FU (John Cena)

Photos: YouTube