Does Rob Dyrdek Still Hold 22 Guinness World Records?

During the third season of “Rob & Big” in 2008, Rob Dyrdek realizes that he can set or break a number of Guinness World Records for skateboarding. To prove it, he gets an official judge from Guinness to travel to Los Angeles to certify his attempts and ends up grabbing 21 separate World Records. There were so many, MTV didn’t even air each one in the show.

Three years later, Dyrdek has continued to break records on his show “Fantasy Factory.” How many does he have now? Which ones have been broken? Not finding the information anywhere else, we extensively set out to fact-check which Guinness World Records Rob Dyrdek still holds.

1. Most Consecutive Ollies (Halfpipe): 46

Broken. The first record Dyrdek broke in the 2008 episode became his first record subsequently broken. Less than a year later, teen skater Keith Baldassare shattered Rob’s 46 ollies with 348 in Merritt Island, Florida. Guinness talks to Rob about this record a little in this video.

2. Most Ollie Big Spins In One Minute: 12

Unbroken. For this trick, the board spins 360 degrees, while the rider spins 180 degrees in the same direction.

3. Most Consecutive Nollie Kickflips: 73

Unbroken. This trick is like a regular kickflip, except the skateboarder uses the front foot to pop the nose down and the back foot to spin the board.

4. Most 360-Degree Kickflips In One Minute: 12

Unconfirmed. In the episode, Dyrdek is shown completing this record, however, it does not appear in the database. It is not attributed to Dyrdek or anyone else.

5. Most Heel Flips In One Minute: 15

Unbroken. To complete, the skateboarder kicks his board in order to make it flip 360 degrees along the board’s long axis.

6. Most Consecutive Ollies: 215

Unbroken. After completing this one in the episode, Dyrdek looks ready to die.

7. Most Nollie Kickflips In One Minute: 22


8. Longest Stationary Manual: 49 seconds

Broken. In January 2011, Adam Zisa bested Rob’s record when he held a stationary manual for four minutes 55.4 seconds at James Madison University. The trick consists of the rider balancing on the rear wheels of the skateboard, with no other part of the board or rider touching the ground at any time.

9. Most Switch Frontside Kickflips In One Minute: 9

Unbroken. The rider must perform frontside kickflips with his nondominate stance, hence “switch.”

10. Longest 50-50 Rail Grind: 100 feet 5.75 inches

Unbroken. This is the record Dyrdek most wanted. They even constructed a special long rail for it. To complete, he had to grind all the way down on his board’s trucks.

11. Longest Board Slide: 100 feet 5.75 inches

Unbroken. After breaking the Longest 50-50 rail grind, Dyrdek knocked this one out easily.

12. Highest Skateboard Ramp Jump Into Water: 10 feet 8 inches


13. Most Frontside Ollies In One Minute: 32


14. Most 720 Kickflips In One Minute: 7

Unbroken. This trick is a combination of a 720 pop shove-it and a kickflip.

15. Most Heel-flip Shove-its In One Minute: 10

Unbroken. For a heel-flip shove-it, the skateboarder spins the board with his or her heel 180 degrees.

16. Most Skateboard Backside Varial Kickflips In One Minute: 14

Unbroken. A varial kickflip is a kickflip combined with a pop shove-it.

17. Most Skateboard Backside Back-foot Ollie-Impossibles In One Minute: 15

Unbroken. An impossible is where the board completes one rotation by rolling around the skater’s back foot.

18. Most Switch Stance Kickflips In One Minute: 17


19. Most Fakie Heel-flips In One Minute: 11


20. Most Consecutive Frontside Ollies In One Minute: 32


21. Largest Skateboard

Unbroken. After deeming the previous record-holder unworthy, Dyrdek and Joe Ciaglia built the largest skateboard on “Fantasy Factory” in 2009. It measured 36 feet 7 inches long, 8 feet 8 inches wide and 3 feet 7.5 inches high.

22. Longest Skateboard

Unbroken. The largest skateboard is also credited as the longest.

Images: Getty, MTV