‘SNL’ Impressions Recap: Ed Helms Should Run For President

After hosts Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper took the reins in previous weeks, “Saturday Night Live” completed its goal of having the entire Wolfpack on the show, with Ed Helms stepping in as emcee on Saturday. Then, in a trend we’ve been noticing a lot of lately, they didn’t use him that much. As the great DeAndre Cole would say, “What up with that?” Ed Helms is charming, funny and one of the best straight men in all of Hollywood. Instead of putting those skills to work, the writers used Helms like one of the less attractive cast members: sparingly and in bit parts.

But we’re here to talk about the celebrity impressions, which, for the second consecutive week, were not very prominent. Let’s do this.

Wolf Blitzer (HAHA), Barack Obama (HAHAHA), Jennifer Donahue (HAHA)

We’ve complained plenty of times about the show’s insistence on using a political cold open every Saturday. So we weren’t at all surprised to see another one last weekend. But we were surprised when, like Martin Lawrence, it was unexpectedly funny. The impressions were nothing to get excited about. Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen have been doing their not-so-hot Wolf Blitzer and President Obama impressions for so long now that they’re hardly worth evaluating, and why CNN analyst Jennifer Donahue is worthy of an impression is anyone’s guess. The impressions in this sketch weren’t supposed to be the star, President Obama’s stand-up was. And he killed it, just like he KILLLLLLLLED OSAMA!

Will Smith (HAHAHA)

Jay Pharaoh’s Will Smith impression is amazing, that’s no secret. He nails the voice, the yells, the cocky mannerisms. But dammit if Pharaoh didn’t spend his entire first year on “SNL” doing the same five impressions and nothing else. Give the man some room to grow, Lorne Michaels!

Lon Cheney (HA), Myrna Loy (HA), Louis Armstrong (HAHAHAHA)

We weren’t even sure at first if these were supposed to be impressions. A quick Google revealed, sure enough, they were. So how good were they? Beats us. It would be best to ask a 95-year-old (you know, someone who gets these references). This sketch is still worth watching though, if only for Keenan coming in at the end with a perfect Louis Armstrong.

Ann Margret (HA)

Remember that 95-year-old you found to ask about the previous impressions? Ask him about this one too.

Tim Pawlenty, Mitch Daniels, Gary Johnson, John Huntsman, John Thune, Mitch Johnson, Tim Daniels, Hunt Mitchman (HAHAHAHAHA)

Oh look, “SNL” decided to use Ed Helms. Great job, guys! Helms’ impressions of every Republican who either is or will soon be running for president was spot on. Just like the politicians, Helms is vaguely Southern, boring looking and sweeter than a pan of corn pudding. Maybe he should just go ahead and run for president himself.