‘Priest’ Costar Lily Collins Is Grade-A Girlfriend Material

If you like charming, gorgeous British-born actresses with a sweet smile, then Lily Collins is the kind of the woman for you. You may have noticed her as the sister in “The Blind Side,” but you’ll get a better look at the 22-year-old beauty this weekend, as she co-stars in “Priest,” a supernatural vampire war movie that hit theaters today. And her crush-worthiness goes double if you happen to be a fan of Genesis and/or Phil Collins‘ catalogs. Yes, Lily is his daughter.

We just watched a series of videos where Lily discusses her damsel in distress character Lucy from “Priest” and had difficulty following along because she’s so damn pretty when she speaks. Apparently, the vampires in “Priest” aren’t the kind of sexy vampires that get naked on the cover of Rolling Stone;¬†rather, they’re shrieking alienlike CG vampires that want to murder your face. In 3D, no less. At least Lily is in 3D too. Check out the videos and more pictures on the next page.

Photos: Getty Images (1,4), InStyle UK (2, 3), Tatler UK (5)