Who Should Play Daria In A Live Action Movie?

About a month ago, we set about the painstaking task of assembling the ideal cast of a “Beavis and Butt-Head” movie. For the most past, our readers liked the suggestions, but there was one you seemed to take issue with most: Daria. We chose Aubrey Plaza of “Parks and Recreation” to play the queen of sarcasm and we still think that’s a perfect choice. But before we go forward with casting a live-action “Daria,”  we wanted to open up the choice of who should play her to our astute readers.

So this time we have a list of seven actresses capable of putting on a pair of round glasses and rolling her eyes at everyone in sight. You just have to tell us who would do it best.

Aubrey Plaza

As her character on “Parks and Recreation” makes clear, Plaza has perfected Daria’s sarcastic, deadpan delivery. She also has the remarkable ability to make any interview terribly awkward and intensely uncomfortable. Plus, she’s young enough to play high school. For all of that, we say Aubrey Plaza for Daria!

Christina Ricci

A lot of you complainers complained that Christina Ricci should play Daria. And sure, we see it, IF IT WAS 1998! Ricci cultivated a Daria-like sense of who-gives-a-f*** back in the ’90s, but now she looks more like a sexy grown up Jane than our favorite teenage proto-hipster.

Ellen Page

This is a good one. Ellen Page is young, wry and self-aware enough to pull off Daria. She even looks kind of like her. Another thing Daria and Page have in common: They’ve both been the subject of lesbian rumors. We may have a winner.

Janeane Garofalo

Janeane Garofalo is the original real-life Daria. Back when the show was on, people used to swear that Garafalo voiced Lawndale’s most misanthropic teen. But it’s not true. Garofalo had nothing to do with Daria, other than influencing everything about who she was. Unfortunately, Garofalo couldn’t star in a Daria movie made in 2011 because of father time. But she’d make an excellent cool, older woman for Daria and Jane to meet at a jazz concert.

Liz Lee

If Janeane Garofalo was the real-life Daria of the ’90s, Liz Lee, the star of “My Life With Liz” is today’s. When her show premiered, the Daria comparisons started right away, and it’s easy to see why. Both Lee and Daria are outcasts from small towns that were unable to contain the active minds of these young ladies. These days, Lee is the voice of the non-girly girl on MTV–the anti Heidi Montag, if you will–just as Daria was more than a decade ago.

Zooey Deschanel

In movies, Zooey Deschanel is cute, funny, friendly and sweet. Or, to put it another way, nothing like Daria. Still, we see why people think she should play Daria in a real life movie. She’s beloved by twee indie kids the world over, and she’s already won a different, but also completely meaningless, “Who should play Daria in a movie poll.” So it’s probably safe to say that she’s the favorite.

Thora Birch

As the above photo demonstrates, Thora Birch has Daria’s creepy death stare down pat. And she’s already played what was essentially a real life Daria in “Ghost World.” For that reason, we say give someone else a chance. Not just so another actress has a chance to play a witty, self-aware teenager, but so Thora doesn’t start getting typecast. It’ll be hard for her to play a grumpy high-schooler when she’s 40.