7 Important Things Plus Eye Candy Masika Kalysha

LADIES Go behind the scenes with XXL Eye Candy Masika [Sucker Free]
You’ll want to stay behind the scenes.

BANGERS J. Cole “See It To Believe It” [Nah Right]
This is not an album cut.

BOARDS Setup: Jake Duncombe [Alli Action]
A message from Down Under.

ILLUSTRATED Breast size chart for video game female fighters [BamKapow]
There’s a trend in there somewhere.

POSTERIZED This week in movie posters: “30 Minutes or Less” and more [Film Drunk]
Nice crop, plus great news for Paul Blart fans.

APOCALYPSE 15 freaky gas mask designs for doomsday [Walyou]
If we’re going down, you at least want to look cool, right?

DIPLOMA Flowchart: What are you doing after graduation? [CollegeHumor]
It’s a road map to your couch, or hell.

MAN’S BEST FRIEND A boxer goes stair surfing [Double Viking]
This pooch can also juggle and supervises the neighborhood watch.