Lady Gaga’s New Favorite Fashion Accessory: Pasties

In America, we think nipples are scary. It’s one of the many Puritanical fears we’ve held on to since our days of throwing witches in lakes. It’s also why we need pasties–those sticky areola coverings that women sometimes wear to hide their pointy bits. Burlesque performers wear pasties, some strippers wear pasties and, more and more these days, Lady Gaga wears pasties. But not because she’s modest–as Lady Gaga has shown in the past, she has no issue showing off her nips. Rather, Lady Gaga is turning the pasty into a fashion accessory.

Every time Gaga trots out into public with a see-through shirt on–which is pretty damn often–she’s also sporting the latest in pasty fashions, from the pasty that’s color coordinated with her sheer bodysuit to the silver pasty that matches her¬†jewelry. All of Gaga’s pasty wearing has us ready to make a bold prediction: accessorizing with pasties is about to become the new not wearing pants. First, Lady Gaga was doing it and now everyone is.

Check out pics of Lady Gaga’s best pasty outfits after the jump.

The Pattern Pasty

The Religious Pasty

The Exterior Pasty

The Can Barely Tell If It’s There Pasty

The Glam Pasty

The Tape Pasty

The Frilly Pasty That You’re Going Have To Click Here To See

Photos: Getty Images, Gossip Girl