9 Beautiful Women With Really Big Moles

A recent twins study has concluded that the more moles a women has, the healthier she is, and the younger she looks for her age. In our world, healthy and young translates to attractive. So what we’re extrapolating from this study is that the more mole-y a woman is, the hotter she it. Science says so!

But how much can you really trust “science,” amiright? So we did a little peer review of our own to test the correlation between beauty marks and beauty. And wouldn’t you know it, we dug up nine super gorgeous famous women with really prominent moles. Which means that science is right! And it also means you need to go out and find a lady with lots of moles.

See photos of the nine most beautiful women with moles after the jump.

Cindy Crawford

When we think of moles and women, thankfully one of the first images we conjure up is that of Cindy Crawford, the legendary supermodel with the aggressive facial birthmark. Cindy is still looking good at 45, providing anecdotal confirmation of the study’s findings.

Eva Mendes

Like Crawford, Eva Mendes has expertly made her mole part of her sultry look.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie sometimes hides her mole behind her hair, but here it is in all of its spotty glory.

Scarlett Johansson

If you can keep your eyes focused on her face, you’ll notice that Scarlett Johansson‘s makeup covers up quite a few moles, most prominently on her right cheek. (And if you can’t, we’ll understand.)

Natalie Portman

Hey, Natalie Portman, if we told you had a big old mole on the side of your face would you hold it against us?

Jessica Simpson

No, Jessica Simpson. Proactiv won’t also get rid of your moles.

Mandy Moore

We’re not entirely sure if what’s going on with Mandy Moore‘s right cheek is a mole or a large freckle, but we figured we’d still put her on here because she’s pretty.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams offers definitive proof that Canadians also have moles. (Really, they’re just like you and me!)

Marilyn Monroe

OK, Marilyn Monroe obviously isn’t a good example of health or longevity, but any list of moles and sexy women would be incomplete without her famous beauty mark.

Photos: Getty Images