Sean Astin Is A Politician Now, Just Like These 9 Other Celebrities Before Him

Today marks actor Sean Astin‘s official foray into politics. The “Lord of the Rings” costar has stepped up as the campaign manager for Daniel H. Adler as he runs for office in California’s 36th Congressional District. Astin is yet another actor in a long line of already-famous people to throw their hat into the political ring.

Now, what we’re really interested in is who will vote for these celebrities? Do their famous careers hurt or help them? To find out what our readers think we’re pitting 10 celebs-turned-politicians against one another.

After the jump, check out the nominees and cast your vote.

Kal Penn

Better known as: Kumar in “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle”
Age: 34
Born: Montclair, New Jersey
Education: Bachelor’s from UCLA
Party: Democrat
Political Experience: Member of Obama’s National Arts Policy Committee and currently serves as Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement
Main Political Issues: Promoting the arts and cross-cultural communication, especially with Asian American and Pacific Islander communities
Controversy: Most well known for his role as a pothead

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Better known as: The Governator
Age: 63
Born: Thal, Austria
Education: Bachelor’s via correspondence from University of Wisconsin-Superior
Party: Republican
Political Experience: Two terms as governor of California
Main Political Issues: Banning same-sex marriage, financial responsibility, the “girlie man” flap
Controversy: Just divorced wife of 25 years; accusations of conflict of interest as governor and executive editor of two American Media magazines

Jesse Ventura

Better known as: The Body
Age: 59
Born: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Education: North Hennepin Community College
Party: Independence Party of Minnesota
Political Experience: Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and Governor of Minnesota
Main Political Issues: Property tax reform, gay rights, abortion rights, land-use reform and mass transit
Controversy: Has “crazy eyes” and scares people

Sean Astin

Better known as: Samwise Gamgee and Rudy
Age: 40
Born: Santa Monica, California
Education: Bachelor’s from UCLA
Party: Democrat
Political Experience: Appeared in political satire “Bulworth”
Main Political Issues: Famously supported Hillary Clinton and John Kerry during their presidential campaigns
Controversy: Lack of experience; also claims to be vegetarian but is still chubby

Sean Duffy

Better known as: Lumberjack from “Real World: Boston”
Age: 39
Born: Hayward, Wisconsin
Education: Law degree from William Mitchell College of Law
Party: Tea Party Republican
Political Experience: Ashland County District Attorney; U.S. House of Representatives
Main Political Issues: All of that real conservative Tea Party stuff
Controversy: Said he was “struggling” to pay bills, despite his salary being nearly three times the average for Wisconsin residents; former “Real World” roomies Montana, Syrus and Jason said they wouldn’t vote for him. Ouch.

Wyclef Jean

Better known as: The guy from The Fugees who goes, “One time!”
Age: 41
Born: La Plaine, Haiti
Education: School of Hard Knocks, now a visiting fellow at Brown University in the Department of Africana Studies
Party: Ensemble Nous Faut (We Must Do It Together)
Political Experience: 2010 Haitian presidential campaign
Main Political Issues: Rebuilding Haiti
Controversy: Not a resident of Haiti and therefore rejected as candidate. Also, recently got shot.

Luther Campbell

Better known as: Uncle Luke from 2 Live Crew
Age: 50
Born: Miami, Florida
Education: Offered “bounties” to University of Miami football players for scoring touchdowns, intercepting passes, sacking quarterbacks and knocking opposing players out of games
Party: Hip Hop Party
Political Experience: Argued for free speech in front of the U.S. Supreme Court; running for mayor of Miami
Main Political Issues: Claims the Tea Party is the KKK; wants to increase taxes on strippers
Controversy: See the lyrics to any 2 Live Crew song

Donald Trump

Better known as: The Hair, “You’re Fired”
Age: 64
Born: New York, New York
Education: Bachelor’s from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Party: Republican
Political Experience: Is widely speculated to make a bid for the presidency in 2012
Main Political Issues: Barack Obama’s birth certificate; money
Controversy: On his third wife; bankrupted multiple businesses; “The Apprentice” isn’t as good as he thinks it is

Al Franken

Better known as: Stuart Smalley from “Saturday Night Live”
Age: 59
Born: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Education: Bachelor’s from Harvard
Party: Democrat
Political Experience: Currently a senator for Minnesota
Main Political Issues: Financial reform; heath care reform; veteran’s rights; getting people to take him seriously
Controversy: His radio network, Air America, failed; wrote an article for Playboy in 2000 called “Porn-O-Rama;” has a whiny voice

Clint Eastwood

Better known as: Dirty Harry
Age: 80
Born: San Francisco, California
Education: Los Angeles City College
Party: Republican
Political Experience: Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif.; serves on California State Park and Recreation Commission
Main Political Issues: Environmental protection; supports same-sex marriage; pro-choice; small business interests
Controversy: His views sound more liberal than Republican

Photos: New Line Cinema, Getty Images