Dennis Rodman To Retire Jersey At Strip Club And We’re Not The Least Bit Surprised

In celebration of his 50th birthday, recent Hall of Fame inductee Dennis Rodman is retiring his Detroit Pistons #10 jersey at New Jersey’s Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club. The Worm, as he’s known to fans and strippers alike but for completely different reasons, says the event will honor his two biggest loves in life: basketball and women.

As a professional player, Dennis the Menace was a five-time NBA Champion, two-time Defensive Player of the Year, two-time All-Star, seven-time rebounding champion and currently sits at number 22 for career rebounding. The Detroit Pistons retired his jersey earlier this season, calling him one of their most talked-about players of all time.

As a “nonprofessional player,” Rodman’s statistics are even more impressive. That is why instead of retiring his basketball jersey at his 50th birthday strip club bonanza, Rodman should retire the spandex outfit from his 1997 movie alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme, “Double Team.” Sure, it’s a horrible movie, but it also represents the fever Rodman held on entertainment during the ’90s. His contribution to pop culture is what should be honored now that the Pistons have already honored his contribution to basketball.

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To drive the argument home, feast your eyes on his on cultural time line and statistics. While Rodman is by no means retired yet from stirring tabloids, he is in his twilight years. Besides, there is no reason he, or anyone else, should ever wear that spandex outfit again. Not even ironically.

September 1992: After years together, Rodman marries his baby mama Annie Bakes.

December 1992: Divorces Annie Bakes.

1993: Dyes his hair blonde after being inspired by Wesley Snipes in “Demolition Man.”

1993-1994 season: Begins a highly publicized affair with Madonna; head-butts John Stockton and Stacey King, and refuses to leave the court after being ejected. Continues baffling NBA fans by continuing to change hair to various clown-like colors and increasing his tattoo and body piercings to metal-band levels.

1996: Head-butts referee Ted Bernhardt.

1996: Hosts own talk show, “The Rodman World Tour,” for MTV.

1996: Dresses up in a wedding dress to promote the release of his autobiography, “Bad As I Wanna Be.” The dress is because he’s bisexual and was marrying himself. In the book, he admits to nearly committing suicide, losing his virginity to a hooker, refusing to perform oral sex on Madonna and more of the usual.

July 1997: In his first World Champion Wrestling match, he teams with Hulk Hogan and loses to Andre the Giant and Lex Luger.

1997: Stars in “Double Team”

1998: Leaves Game Four of the NBA Finals to wrestle alongside Hulk Hogan. After the season, he and Hogan challenge Karl Malone and Diamond Dallas Page to a wrestling match and win.

November 1998: Drunkenly marries Carmen Electra in Las Vegas for 10 days.

1999: Stars in “Simon Sez” alongside then unknown Dane Cook.

2002: Wins the $222,000 grand prize on the 2004 season of “Celebrity Mole.”

2005: Named commissioner of Lingerie Bowl.

2006: Appears in U.K. reality shows “Celebrity Big Brother” and “Love Island.”

2009: Behaves so oddly on “Celebrity Apprentice,” his friends–including Phil Jackson–stage an intervention. Soon he ends up on “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.”

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