PHOTOS: Major League Baseball’s 8 Biggest Dippers

It’s never pleasant to see your favorite Major League Baseball players spit a long stream of brown juice before stepping up to the plate. These guys are supposed to be pinnacles of health, after all. Still, snuff has played a prominent role in America’s Game for well over a century, even despite an MLB ban on cigarettes. But all that might change. Last month, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg urged officials to ban chewing tobacco in the Majors altogether. (Chewing tobacco is already banned in the minor leagues.)

Chewing tobacco is by no means healthy, and we do not endorse it for our readers. But these are grown men making millions of dollars. If they want to make their fans gag and/or laugh with public display of grossness, it seems like their prerogative.

To wit, we present you eight stomach-churning photos of baseball players enjoying chewing tobacco in the most disgusting ways possible.

Chris Snyder warms up his arm by throwing his dip.

David Ortiz gets caught mid hawk.

Back in 1986, Duane Walker could pose with a dip.

C’mon Junior Ortiz, you know you want it.

Tobacco companies should give Lenny Dykstra a lifetime achievement award.

You have to keep it in five minutes before hurling, Russ Branyon.

When he can’t smoke pot, Tim Lincecum dips.

This is the only action shot you’ll get of coach Tom Kelly.

Images: Getty, Topps, Reuters