Sorry, G-Unit Fans, Lloyd Banks Says Game And Young Buck Aren’t Coming Back

In the beginning, G-Unit was 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo–three plucky kids from South Jamaica, Queens, with the abilities to both rap and get shot without dying. Then the group expanded to include Tennessee rapper Young Buck and Compton MC Game. That’s the G-Unit we all knew and loved, and if Lloyd Banks has his way, it’s the G-Unit we may never know again.

On this weekend’s premiere of “Funk Flex Full Throttle,” Banks tells Funkmaster Flex that there are no plans to get Game and Buck back into the group. And even if there were, the time isn’t right for a group album now anyway. “I think it’s pretty much finished,” Banks said about a possible reunion. “It’s time to branch out and do your thing as a solo artist.” Anyway, what he didn’t say but was probably thinking, was only weird dudes make group albums these days.

Watch the premiere of “Funk Flex Full Throttle,” Saturday, May 8 at 1:30p/12:30c.

Photo: Getty Images