Rihanna’s 50 Sexiest Photos

Rihanna is undoubtedly one of–if not THE–hottest female R&B stars around today. If you need proof, look no further than her countless magazine spreads and sizzling music videos. Rihanna’s had pretty much every hair color and style known to man and has managed to look fantastic in each and every one of them. (We bet she could even sex up a Donald Trump comb-over. Not that we’re encouraging her to do so…we just mean to stress that Rihanna looks good All. The. Damn. Time!)

But there are better ways to prove our point. And we scratched and clawed our way through cyberspace to find the best of the best of these shots. It was a difficult process, mainly because we had to mercilessly eliminate those deemed unworthy of the top 50 Rihanna pics. Trust us, it was tough work. You can appreciate our efforts at the link below.

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