8 Royal Wedding Videos That Are Better To Watch Than The Wedding Itself

The Royal Wedding may be the highlight of your grandma’s social calendar, but, frankly, most of us are pretty sick of the whole shebang. Who cares whether Victoria Beckham can’t find a maternity gown to wear? And who cares whether Kate Middle-Class will ride down the aisle on a dragon from one of the Harry Potter films? When it comes to the Royal Wedding, the only thing that’s really worth our attention is the load of viral video spoofs out there. So lets take a look at some of the good ‘uns…

­Bust a Move
Coming from UK cell network T-Mobile, this little dance number is an internet sensation, with almost 11 million hits. We especially love the “Dirty Dancing” Patrick Swayze-esque entrance of Prince William at 1:35.

­Royal Wedding Idol
There are a few of these “Royal Wedding Idol” YouTube videos, all coming from take180com. We’ve included the Tom Cruise and Ke$ha clips, which are quite funny; but there’s also a Justin Bieber version that, like Bieber himself, isn’t very entertaining.

­Before Happily Ever After
All from Funnyordie.com–these are, by far, the best video spoofs on the web to date. They’ve managed to find a pretty good Kate look-alike as well.

Will & Kate: Before Happily Ever After (Ep.1) from Allison Williams

Episodes two and three here.

­The Queen Vlogs
Ignoring the “Step Up 3D” plug, here’s another video from take180com. Worth watching just for the awful attempt at an English accent.

­For the Creative Folk Out There
The knitted Royal Wedding. Yes, you too can knit your very own Queen, William, Kate and Corgis!

The Lego Royal Wedding. So much easier to carry out the order “Off with their heads!”

­It’s Saturday Night Live
The wedding’s not really relevant to us Americans unless “SNL” make a sketch of it. Check out the A-Listers in these clips and then stay in bed tomorrow the morning of April 29.