Justin Timberlake Does Not Recommend Having Friends With Benefits

Do as Justin Timberlake says, not as he does.

JT stopped by “Ellen” yesterday to discuss his upcoming movie “Friends With Benefits,” not to be confused with the recent “No Strings Attached” (good luck with that). While costar Mila Kunis was quiet, he talked about the idea of hooking up with a friend without the wonderful obligations of an adult relationship. And Timberlake doesn’t think it’s a wise move.

We, on the other hand, aren’t so sure about that. If one or both people in a friendship already wants to get naked together, then the idea of friendship has already been compromised. So by taking it a step, or several steps (sex) further, the people are simply acting on a desire rather than suppressing one. Where’s the benefit in denying a natural human act simply to maintain the status quo?

Of course, if one person is already in a relationship, that’s an entirely different thing. Here’s JT’s take on the matter:

Via PopEater