50 Cent Can’t Even Remember Why He And Jadakiss Had Beef

We love beef here at Clutch. Whether it’s the kind of beef you eat, the kind of beef you put on your face after getting punched, or the kind of beef that erupts between rappers who hate each other, we eat it up. That’s why we were so bummed to see this clip of 50 Cent on “Funk Flex Full Throttle” talking about how he’s squashed his beef with Jadakiss.

“I don’t have a reason [to beef with Jadakiss]. When you look back and two years go by and you say ‘Why don’t I like them?’ and you can’t really remember why, then you know it’s just rap.”

The trouble between Fif and Jada goes back to the “Piggy Bank,” on 50’s Massacre album. The track, which was a response to Ja Rule’s “New York,” took aim at Jada, Fat Joe, Ja Rule as well as Shyne, Kelis, Lil’ Kim and Nas. Clearly 50 was angry. But now it’s six years later and these two rappers have no problem with each other. Guess it’s a victory for maturity and acting like an adult. But it’s a loss for beef, and that always hurts.

“Funk Flex Full Throttle” premieres Sunday, May 8th at 1:30p/12:30c.