7 Important Things Plus The Future Mrs. Jay Cutler

LADIES Kristin Cavallari and Bears QB are engaged [MTV News]
After the honeymoon, will Cutler get pouty and force a trade?

METAL Live photos from the Big 4’s debut show in California [SPIN]
Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth…all on one stage.

BOARDS First list of 24 top pros invited to compete at Maloof Money Cup [GrindTV]
Lots of talent, several legends and a few notable absences.

JOHNSON Video: Warren G now hawking male enhancement pills [BroBible]
Nope. No shame.

FULL OF IT Top 10 movies people lie about having seen [Film Drunk]
Just missed: “The Notebook.”

DESIGN Stuff you should know: creating the perfect album cover art [Smoking Jacket]
Rule No. 1: No multicolored suits.

RETRO Relive your father’s glory days with “Dads: The Original Hipsters” [Urlesque]
The only difference is, the dads weren’t trying.

LAUNCHED Fully automatic gatling slingshot [Double Viking]
With your host, The Slingshotfather.

Photo: Getty Images