The Ron Swanson Turkey Burger Looks Delicious

On last week’s episode of “Park and Recreation,” the manliest man on TV, Ron Swanson, was asked if he’d ever tried a turkey burger. His response: “Is that a fried turkey leg inside a grilled hamburger?” The answer is obviously no, but I think we can all agree that it should be YES. Ron Swanson’s definition of a turkey burger should become the official definition of turkey burger. Can someone call the FDA and have them make that happen? Perhaps one of the cardiac arrest-bound geniuses over at Eater could. There are no better experts on the Ron Swanson turkey burger then the people who spent the weekend making them. That’s right, the picture above, next to the handsome mustache, is a real life turkey burger made by frying a turkey leg and putting it inside a hamburger. It’s heaven on a bun and the recipe is right here.