7 Important Things Plus Casanova Suicide Plays Dress Up

LADIES Casanova is into surfing the web, pillow fights and long drives [Suicide Girls]
And costume parties.

REUNITED Eminem and Royce Da 5’9 working on upcoming EP [RapFix]
Hatchet buried, music uncovered.

HILLSIAN Audrina Patridge is our girl crush[Hollywood Crush]
It appears girls like Audrina too. Who knew?!

ADRENALINE “Art of Extreme Sports” video compilation is a must-watch [BroBible]
An excellent collection of heart-pumping free falls and sick tricks.

RAZORS Six next-level shaving techniques [CollegeHumor]
Eat your heart out, Gillette Fusion.

CHASE Reel Films: “Hardcore Parkour” [The High Definite]
No stunt doubles required.

SUGAR X-Ray: the composition of Peeps! [The Daily]
See what’s lurking inside those innocent yellow puffs.

OPEN WIDE 20 adorable animal tongues [BuzzFeed]
Come for the tongues, stay for the drunk lion.