The 10 Most Fearsome Sets Of Quads In MMA

“Quadzilla.” Learn it, love it. The term delightfully refers to a person with abnormally large quadriceps in proportion to the rest of his body. I’m talking quads so big they’d break a ThighMaster in two. In MMA, there is a near epidemic level of men with freakishly muscular legs. Fighters use their legs to lift their opponents, to launch themselves at their opponents, to destroy their opponents, so it should be no surprise that some of the greatest fighters also carry around some of the beefiest thighs. We salute these rugged men with these shapely thighs because if we didn’t they’d kick our ass with them.

­Joseph Benavidez

The term “quadzilla” was brought to many MMA fans’ attention by Mr. Benavidez. Benavidez’s quads are thicker than Larry the Cable Guy’s accent. Benavidez and his quadriceps are 135 pound standouts with an impressive 14-2 record, his only losses coming at the hands of UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz. Benavidez’s fighting style is fast paced and unrelenting, as if his thighs were big Duracell batteries. “Joe B-Wan Kenobi” has continually proven that he may be only 5 feet 4 inches, but he has the heart of a giant and the thighs to match.

­Zach Makovsky

The reigning and defending owner of the biggest set of haunches in Bellator Fighting Championships is Zach “Fun Size” Makovsky. Makovsky is the BFC’s Bantamweight Champion, which means he weighs in at 135 pounds–and I’m pretty sure 60 of that is in the knee to butt region. The nickname “Fun Size” is a reference to Makovsky’s short stature, which also makes him look like He-Man with the height of Wee Man.

Tyson Griffin

What can be said about Tyson Griffin’s thighs that hasn’t already been said about Tina Turner’s? Both are usually the star of the show and both are a lovely shade of caramel mocha. Griffin is a five-time UFC “Fight of the Night” winner and his battle with Clay Guida was voted 2007’s “Fight of the Year.” Up next for Griffin’s meaty legs is a Featherweight debut against Manvel Gamburyan at the UFC Live event on June 26 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Benson Henderson

From the waist up, “Smooth” is a young, in-shape MMA fighter with great hair. From the waist down, he is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The former WEC Lightweight Champion is making his UFC debut against Canadian grappler Mark Bocek at UFC 129. The only advice I can give Bocek is to watch out for Henderson’s thighs. A man’s arms can get lost in them like The Blob’s stomach while he latches on his infamous guillotine choke that won him that WEC title.

Edson Barboza

The 25-year-old Brazilian has the waist of a Lightweight and the quads of Yokozuna. In his UFC debut, Barboza battered his opponent’s legs with kicks until he couldn’t stand up. That wasn’t the first time either. Barboza did the exact same thing a few months prior to win the Ring of Combat Lightweight title. Barboza’s kicks are lightning quick, twice as deadly and never ending. His quads will no doubt be churning out kicks at full throttle when he fights in his native Brazil at UFC: Rio in August.

Georges St. Pierre

The current UFC Welterweight Champion is arguably the greatest pound-for-pound fighter on the planet. Also, he has “thunder thighs.” Georges St. Pierre has the head, upper body and complexion of a great white shark mixed with the legs of a quarter horse. No doubt, those Canadian bacon thighs are the key to the champ’s explosive striking and takedowns. St. Pierre and his thighs will be defending their belt on April 30 at UFC 129 in Toronto against Jake Shields.

Rashad Evans

“Suga” has over-ripened thighs that have baffled and bested opponents for years. Seriously, the guy has a set of yams on him that would make Oprah blush. The former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion has a ridiculous 15-1-1 record and was The Ultimate Fighter season 2 winner at Heavyweight. “Suga” is seeking a second title run, as he will be fighting his former teammate and current UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones later this year. It will be a classic matchup of ham hocks vs. chicken legs.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

To be honest, Jackson’s thighs look like 40 pound bulletproof raisins. “Rampage” has had a commanding 31-8 career bullying around opponents with his strength, which earned him fans throughout the world and the Light-Heavyweight belt in the UFC. Early on, Jackson used his legs like hydraulic presses to pick up and slam his unlucky adversaries like rag dolls. Eventually, “Rampage” learned how to box and he’s been using his leg strength to generate jaw shattering knockout punches ever since. Jackson’s next fight is at UFC 130 on May 30 against Matt Hamill.

Pat Barry

There may be no pair of birthing hips more dangerous than former K-1 kickboxer and current UFC Heavyweight Pat Barry’s. At 5 feet 11 inches and 240 pounds, “HD” has tree trunks for legs and all the flexibility needed to kick his opponent’s head off. Barry has an unbelievable amount of agility for an animal at any weight. “HD” can do all the back flips and jumping 360 spin kicks that Jet Li can do. It’s like his thighs are giant steel springs encased in mashed up McDonald’s fast food. Barry’s next fight should be a stand-up war for the age against fellow kickboxer Cheick Kongo on June 26 in Pittsburgh.

Mirko “Cro-Cop” Filipovic

Right leg: hospital. Left leg: cemetery. No pair of legs are more accomplished and feared than Mirko “Cro-Cop” Filipovic’s. The man’s a former K-1 kickboxing superstar, PRIDE superstar, UFC superstar, a member of Croatia’s elite police special forces tactical unit Lucko, former member of the Croatian Parliament and a hero to all people with overly developed thighs. He’s a living, breathing, “Street Fighter II” character with his own special move: left high kick. It’s like Cro-Cop’s legs are The Beatles: John Lennon is his left thigh and Paul McCartney is his right.