5 Actors Who Fell In Love With Their Animal Costars

“Water For Elephants” star Robert Pattinson has openly admited to having a thing for his costar. Not Reese Witherspoon. Not Christoph Waltz. It’s Tai the elephant. Pattinson says, “The first time I met Tai, I just got in her mouth…. She had these huge lips and her teeth were all the way at the back so she just carried me around!” I say, “What!?”

Pattinson has also confessed to crying when the elephant finished her last scene because they had grown so close. We’ve never read anything about him crying over KStew’s last scene in “The Twilight Saga.” Interesting, right? Right?

Although he may be the oddest case, the sensitive Brit isn’t the first actor to fall head over heels for an animal costar. The following stars also grew very close to their animal counterparts. Surprisingly, the list is all men.

Clint Eastwood and Manis

All of Eastwood’s advisers told him not to star in “Every Which Way But Loose.” However, the actor did it anyway, saying, “This is something. This is kinda crazy. But there’s something kind of hip about it. This guy’s out drifting along and his best friend is an orangutan.” It went on to be his biggest blockbuster at the time.

An orangutan named Manis played Eastwood’s pal in the movie and the squinty badass described him as “one of the most natural actors I ever worked with.” The primate didn’t return for the sequel, but Eastwood would regularly visit Manis at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where the ape did an animal show.

Tom Hanks and Beasley

Tom Hanks really bonded with the drooling, rare Dogue de Bordeaux on “Turner and Hooch.” The actor said in an interview that he thought of his sadness about not seeing Beasley again when he needed to summon tears in the film’s ending. Beasley died three years after the film, but he’s not forgotten.

As one of Conan O’Brien’s first guests on “The Tonight Show,” Hanks improvised a “Turner & Hooch” stage musical song. For the 2006 Academy Awards, the actor did a sketch about an acceptance speech that runs way too long and in it, he thanks Hooch.

Robert Downey, Jr. and Sunny

RDJ plays a bitter dude in “Due Date,” who hates the French bulldog his road trip partner (Zach Galifianakis) has dragged along. Though his character is at bitter ends with the pooch, Downey fell in love with the dog, named Sunny, and tried to adopt her after the film wrapped.

Mark Harden, Sunny’s trainer, tells PEOPLEPets.com, “In between takes, he would put [Sunny] in his lap and sit with her.” Harden turned down Downey’s offer to buy the dog. However, the actor said working with Sunny has left him wanting to adopt a dog for the first time.

Rupert Grint and Scabbers (and Scabbers’ stunt double)

The English actor who plays Ron Weasely in the “Harry Potter” series adopted the rat that plays Scabbers in “The Prisoner of Azkaban” and another rat called “the stunt rat.” We don’t know what qualifies a rat to do stunts. Perhaps it’s just the less-attractive rat. Either way, Grint fell in love and had to have them both.

Grint’s bumbling character is constantly losing Scabbers. The actor better care for these rats more, otherwise PETA will get him. That means he can’t launch the stunt rat through a burning hoop no matter how much he wants to.