In Defense Of The Postal Worker Who Pooped In A Neighbor’s Lawn

Sometimes you just have to go. Go take a poop, that is.

And yet, a postal worker is Oregon is on the hot seat for dropping trou and emptying his bowels on a lawn along his route recently, resulting in an embarrassing suspension and possible termination from the Post Office. The owner of the property, Don Derfler, captured images, “CSI”-style, of the employee in the act and even photographed the smoking turd. Derfler also suggested that he would fire the worker.

“Why an individual like this would ever make a decision to do something that is just beyond common sense and reason,” a spokesperson for the Post Office said, “I don’t have an explanation for this individual.”

Here’s an explanation: THE GUY REALLY HAD TO POOP. Can you recall your most urgent doo-doo situation? Or just any high-threat poop barreling its way through your pipeline? I can, from this morning, when I had to scramble to the nearest porcelain throne, only a few feet away. Although it was reported that there were Port-a-Potties in a park roughly two blocks from Derfler’s yard, give the mail carrier the benefit of the doubt and accept that he was in dire straits and had absolutely no choice but to drop his drawers and let go. If he could have even made it that far, would you risk soiling your uniform during a fight with small children to get into a plastic poop-shack?

I don’t advocate a world in which we all scatter our smelly pellets wherever and whenever we like, but it’s rude and unrealistic to villianize this man for simply answering nature’s call. Sometimes you just have to go.

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Photo: KATU-TV

Via NY Daily News