Da Brat Gets a Michael Jackson Tattoo And It’s Not Clear Why

Da Brat was in prison in June 2009 when Michael Jackson died. Instead of heading straight to the prison tattoo parlor and getting a half-ass, ink pen tribute to MJ on her leg, she waited. Then, just over a month ago, Da Brat was released from prison, allowing her to go to a real tattoo artist and get a real MJ tattoo on her leg. Finally.

Jermaine Dupri, who’s been buds with Da Brat since the early ’90s, tweeted the above photo yesterday showing the brand-new ink on Da Brat’s bratty leg. Now we’ve listened to Funkdafied, Anutha Tantrum and Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz (those are all Da Brat albums, but you knew that) and we still can’t figure out why she would get this tattoo. Of course, not every rapper has to sound like the artist they get inked on their body for all of eternity, but it makes a little more sense. It’s possible this tattoo doesn’t have a thing to do with music though. Maybe Da Brat just loved Michael Jackson.

Or maybe her new album slated to come out later this year is going to sound like something we’ve never heard from her before. Chris Brown never really lived up to that “Next Michael Jackson” billing. Maybe Da Brat can claim the title for her own.