18 Photos Of NBA Players Who Can’t Believe They Were Just Called For A Foul

The NBA is full of babies. In no other sport do players react to bad calls like 4-year-olds who’ve just been told that Santa isn’t real (suck it up, kids). In the MLB, they kick dirt and yell. In the NFL, they throw their arms in the air and move on. In the NHL they, well, I haven’t watched a hockey game in 10 years so I have no idea, but I’m sure it’s more manly than making pouty faces and stomping to the sideline, as is tradition in the NBA.

It’s NBA playoff time, as you know, and that means nearly every foul is followed by an over-the-top reaction. Unfortunately these reactions aren’t always captured on camera. When they are, they produce wonderful little slices of incredulous disbelief that show just how whiny NBA players are. We found some of those pictures.

­Tony Parker

­Monta Ellis

­Joakim Noah

­LeBron James

­Robert Horry

Derek Fisher

Kobe Bryant

­Steve Nash

­Earl Boykins

­Josh Smith

­Carmelo Anthony

­Dwight Howard

­Marquis Daniels

­Tim Duncan

­Tim Duncan

­Tim Duncan

­Tim Duncan

­Tim Duncan