Meet The Kid With The Rebecca Black Tattoo

“I really didn’t like how so many people were talking bad about her. There’s no reason for people to say that stuff. She’s only 13.” Those are the words of Bryan Ellis, a 19-year-old from Texas who’s so upset about the internet’s treatment of Rebecca Black that he did what any rational fan of a viral video star would do–he went to the tattoo parlor and had the words “Leave Rebecca Black Alone” inked on his forearm. Yikes.

The obvious question here is not how someone could defend “Friday,” a song that, for all of its flaws, has the undeniable ability to burrow into the human brain and hibernate all weekend long. No, the obvious question is why not make a T-shirt, or a YouTube video (worked for this guy), or a poster or anything that he wouldn’t have to carry with him for the rest of his life? “That wouldn’t mean as much,” Bryan says. “When people see the tattoo they think, ‘This guy is really serious about it.'”

Surely that’s not all people think when they see the tattoo. Surely that’s not what you’re thinking right now. “They also think that I should go kill myself,” Bryan added. “They think it’s retarded. They think I should cut my arm off and try to sell it.”

Bryan has no plans of amputating his arm, but he does plan to continue sticking up for Rebecca Black by regularly defending her on YouTube. “I just want people to respect her more. All I want people to know is that she deserves a little more respect for trying.”

And Bryan, I guess, deserves respect for completely going for it. When asked if he thought he’d ever regret getting a tattoo honoring a girl who will soon be forgotten, even by those who once pledged that they “gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal,” Bryan didn’t back down. “I don’t think I will. If I didn’t really want people to see it I wouldn’t have gotten it on my arm.”