Katy Perry Looks Flawless, As Usual, In GHD Ads

With Katy Perry‘s incredible year of latex dresses firmly in the past (lucky for us, it was preserved in photographs), the lovely pop star has experimented with other fashion oddities like extraterrestrial makeup, a multicolored coaster bra, a purple dress with a huge section missing in the breast region and now, retro hairstyles. The latex was a tough act to follow but these looks, captured in a series of ads that put Katy’s hair in popular ‘dos from the ’50s, ’70s and ’80s, just might match it in terms of sheer hotness.

The shot above shows Katy in ’80s big hair and bright clothes; of course ghd left out the leg warmers, acid-washed jeans, rubber bracelets, headbands, cocaine and Tears for Fears that made the ’80s so great. After the jump you’ll see former Ms. Latex’s hippie look and an old-school ’50s pinup flavor. Which one is your fave?

Photos: David LaChapelle, ghd

Via Fashionetc


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