The Miley Cyrus Inflatable Sex Doll Is Pretty Gross

From the people who brought you the “Lady Gag Gag Love Doll” and “Kinky Kim Filthy Love Doll” comes the “Finally Miley” inflatable sex doll, a creation clearly inspired by Miley Cyrus. On the one hand, you know you’ve really made it in show business when a perverted company attempts to exploit your celebrity for profit; but on the other hand, it’s pretty creepy to see a company exploit your celebrity by selling an inflatable doll resembling you for $27 dollars apiece to a legion of slobbering weirdos.

It gets worse, though: The doll’s box (full image below) says that the doll has “3 Achey Love Holes,” a reference to Papa Cyrus’ song “Achey Breaky Heart.” Of course, Miley’s crew will threaten to sue and the “Finally Miley” doll will probably get pulled from the market like some of the celebrity dolls that were sold previously. Then the company will return to making standard sex dolls, as they should.

Tough break for those of you who simply wanted to cruise in the carpool lane with a nude Miley Cyrus doll though.

Photo: Pipedream Products