The Jackass-ery Continues In ‘Jackass 3.5′

When it comes to “Jackass” movies, I don’t expect much. I’d like to cringe a few times, feel queasy once or twice and double over in pain as I imagine myself in the position of the guys in the movie. That’s the best. This exclusive clip from the brand new “Jackass 3.5″ proves that this installment of jackass-ery is going to cause all of those terrible unpleasant reactions. The cringing comes when Dave England kicks Bam Margera in the face. The queasy comes when Preston Lacy shakes his big nasty stomach. And the doubling over in pain comes, well, in every scene.

If you like what you see in this clip, and I know you will, go to to watch the first unrated episodes. Maybe you’ll even get lucky and “Jackass 3.5″ will make you barf. That would be a blast.