15 Completely Ridiculous Baseball Gifs

Some pretty insane things happen on the baseball diamond. Sometimes the ridiculous moments are intentional, like a manager who blows a gasket and throws a resin bag like a grenade. Other times ridiculous moments are unintended, like when a batter appears to perform a sex act on a bat.¬†Indeed, America’s pastime has had just about everything. If Bengie Molina ever hits an inside-the-park home run, then it will have everything.

Major League Baseball’s 2011 season kicks off today, and unless you’re on a “sick day,” six beers deep at the stadium in the third inning, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a bunch of ridiculous gifs from the ballpark. If the sabermetrics nerds could figure out a way to quantify the absurdity of gifs (they probably can), they would be very impressed with this batch. Enjoy.