11 Photos Of Tattooed Celebrities Before They Were Tattooed

Before they became ink-covered stars, celebrities who are well-known for their tattoos were innocent nobodies, not yet tainted by fame or covered in ink. Over time, as they got more money and more reckless, they also got more tattoos.

“I woke up one morning and I was on my s*** like I usually be,” The Game once said, “and I felt like I was the face of L.A., so I went to the tattoo shop and put L.A. on my face.” That’s the kind of thing you can do if you know you never have to go to work at a paper company.

But what did these famous folks look like before they went under the needle? Was Lil Wayne born with that crack tattooed on his forehead? And more importantly, who looks better, the fresh-faced, untattooed kids or the hard-core, inked-up celebs? You tell us.

Lil Wayne

We had to reach way back in the archives to find a picture of Lil Wayne without any tattoos. Here’s a picture of him looking about 14 and one where he’s got more ink than a Bic factory.


The younger Steve-O, on the left, has a few tattoos, but that’s nothing compared to the treasure map he’s got on his chest and arms today. These photos don’t even include Steve-O’s insane back piece of his own face.


1997: pink hair, white skin, wrist tat. 2010: white hair, orange skin, wrist, forearm, elbow and thigh tat. Almost full circle.

­The Game

Game’s accumulated more than 100 tattoos in his life, including that semi-beard, which we’re pretty sure is tattooed on.

­David Beckham

Beckham has all the tattoos that $250 million and payment for a series of ridiculous underwear ads can buy.

­Allen Iverson

Lesson to be learned from these photos: Growing older and getting a bunch of tattoos does not help your stamina.


The tattoos have changed but the white headgear remains the same (that’s a Led Zeppelin song isn’t it?).

­John Mayer

A sleeve would make most people look badass. John Mayer isn’t most people.

­Soulja Boy

Along with a body full of tattoos, old age has taught Soulja Boy how to choose shirts that fit him.

­Megan Fox

Those tattoos go well with the plastic surgery.

­Wiz Khalifa

The tattoos and the smoke are permanent.

Photos: Getty Images, Splash Images, Wiz Khalifa photo Courtesy Brotha Ash Productions