7 Pop Stars Pretending To Be Metalheads

There are few things quite as annoying as inauthenticity. That’s why we’re so annoyed with the idea of pop stars wearing metal band T-shirts. I get that they’re trying to grit up their image, but as Lemmy once said, “I wish everybody who had the T-shirts had the albums.” Of course, we don’t actually know if Miley Cyrus owns all the Iron Maiden albums. But we’d bet our “Hannah Montana” DVDs she doesn’t.

The idea of a musician wearing the T-shirt of an artist who sounds nothing like them is equal parts fascinating and horrifying. So we searched far and wide to find seven pop stars wearing shirts that honor kickass bands they sound nothing like. At least they know how to pick out a cool shirt. Actually, their stylists do that.

­Kelly Clarkson wearing Metallica

We’ll admit, the cut really flatters the girl, but to rip up a Metallica T-shirt like that is just not cool. And to add insult to injury, Kelly sings country-tinged pop tunes while wearing it. At least it wasn’t a “Ride the Lighting” tee.

­Taylor Momsen wearing Iron Maiden

Hard rock princess she is, Taylor Momsen most likely caught sight of the skull on this shirt and thought it would have the power to make her and her Pretty Reckless crew brutal SOBs. Unfortunately, throwing on an over-size Iron Maiden reprint tee won’t make your band rule. If it did, The Lone Rangers would’ve been way more awesome.

­Ashlee Simpson wearing Black Sabbath

We’re guessing that pretty little Ashlee Simpson (that’s right, she’s officially dropped the Wentz) heard how Black Sabbath had a song called “Fairies Wear Boots” and ran out to buy this tee before she had a chance to hear the song.

­Hilary Duff wearing Motörhead

I think Hilary Duff would be frightened if she ever heard a Motörhead song. And I can’t even imagine the poor girl’s reaction if she ever laid eyes on Lemmy.

­Miley Cyrus wearing Iron Maiden

The day I believe Miley Cyrus is a real Iron Maiden fan is the day Bruce Dickinson guests on “Hannah Montana.” Despite their physical resemblance, that would never happen.

­Lindsay Lohan wearing Iron Maiden

The band Iron Maiden is named after an 18th century torture device. Lindsay Lohan’s album could be used to torture people. So in some ways, her shirt isn’t all that inappropriate.

Ke$ha wearing Metallica

Metallica is a pretty huge metal band so it’s not hard to believe that Ke$ha is a fan. What is hard to believe is that a real fan would wear both a Metallica shirt and glitter at the same time. For shame!