Kristen Schaal Demonstrates The Proper Way To Make Commercials

Like every other red-blooded American male with an addiction to Oprah, I hate commercials. Why are they always trying to sell me stuff? Don’t they know I’m a hoarder? I already have A LOT OF STUFF. Also, commercials are boring. I don’t much mind a boring commercial if it knows it’s boring, but when a commercial is trying to be entertaining and ends up being boring, that gets me madder than Oprah gets at Stedman when he won’t rub her feet (stupid Stedman).

Anyway, I’ve done all this rambling by way of introduction to these five commercials that don’t suck. They try to be entertaining and they actually are, largely thanks to the talents of the always funny and only slightly weird Kristen Schaal. Other commercials could learn a lesson from these commercials.

Via Video Gum