Japanese Athletes Show Support For Japan, You Should Too

It’s impossible to understate the enormity of the crisis Japan currently faces. As if the devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake this past Friday wasn’t enough, it was followed by a tsunami and then explosions at nuclear reactors, causing fears about possible radiation exposure. It’s also possible that more earthquakes will shake a nation that’s already been devastated.

The death toll continues to rise. Thousands of people are missing. Pictures of the landscape tell a tragic, hard-to-believe story.

But other images, like those of Japanese soccer player Ryo Miyaichi (above), show athletes from around the world displaying their support of the ravaged nation. Below, some more athletes have messages for Japan on their uniforms. All of these athletes are from Japan and doing what they can to make the world aware of what’s unfolding in their countries. At a time like this, with March Madness in full effect, it’s easy to forget that the world doesn’t revolve around sports. A big thumbs up to these athletes for remembering what’s really important.

Rescue and recovery efforts are under way, and you can show your support by making a donation to a variety of relief organizations listed here.

Photos: Getty Images