Who Are The Hottest Girls Of The ‘Real World’?

The great thing about every new season of the “Real World” is the opportunity to meet a new set of girl-next-door hotties. Over the show’s 24 seasons, it’s introduced us to some of the cutest girls to ever traipse across our TVs. Tonight, when the show’s 25th season premieres at 10 p.m., we’ll get a chance to meet a few more. There’s the 21-year-old Jersey girl Heather, 21-year-old dancer Nany and 22-year-old Bronx native Naomi (holy s***, I feel old). All three of the ladies are lovely, but are they lovely enough to crack the all-time “Real World” hotties list that Complex put together?  I won’t give away all of their picks for The 25 Hottest “Real World” Girls list, but I will present the top three.

What do you think? Did Complex get it right?

­Jamie Chung

­Irulan Wilson

­Mallory Snyder

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