‘SNL’ Impressions Recap: Miley Does Bieber And The World Doesn’t Collapse

Don’t blame us for expecting Miley Cyrus to suck on “SNL.” Ms. Montana hasn’t exactly been Brando-like when it comes to acting. But we’re not too stubborn to admit when we’re wrong and the fact is: Miley was good. Really good. Like, one of the best “SNL” episodes of the season good. Yeah, we’re scared too.

Now, haters might say that what we call “good” was just Miley meeting our incredibly low expectations (go ahead and say it, haters; we’ve got time)–and there was definitely an element of that–but there was a lot more going on here. For one thing, no one makes fun of Miley Cyrus like Miley Cyrus. For another, she actually does some pretty dead-on celeb impressions. Check out our favorites below.

Charlie Sheen (HAHA ha), Christina Aguilera (HAHAHA), John Galliano (HAHAHAHA), Muammar Gaddafi (HAHAHAHA), Lindsay Lohan (HAHAHA)

Lets all thank “SNL” for answering our prayers and not starting with another played-out political opening sketch. Instead, they play off the Charlie Sheen circus by creating his talk show, “Duh, Winning,” and inviting a host of train wreck celebrities to guest. The results were, as Miley would say, “pretty cool.” Bill Hader–who seems to be everywhere on “SNL” these days–was just so-so as Charlie Sheen (he doesn’t quite get the voice and the rest is just parroting the same crazy quotes you heard everywhere last week). Abby Elliott does a great imitation of Christina Aguilera’s singing voice. Taran Killam just crushes his impression of former Christian Dior designer John Galliano (not that we know what John Galliano sounds like). Fred Armisen, “SNL”‘s most reliable workhorse impressionist, does a great Gaddafi. His trick is to take an unrelatable character like that and turn him into just an average guy–we love how, upon finding out what “anti-Semitic” means, he says “Oh yes, put me down for that.” And then, finally, there was Miley Cyrus as Lindsay Lohan. Surprisingly, her impression was pretty awesome. We loved the line “my new movie, ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’ came out 68 months ago.”

Taboo (HAHAHAHA), apl.de.ap (HAHAHAHA), Khloe Kardashian (HAHAHA ha), Fergie and Will.i.am (HAHA)

We love the idea of this sketch: a talk show hosted by the other two dudes from the Black-Eyed Peas. Kenan Thompson and Andy Samberg do a great job as apl.de.ap and Taboo, respectively. We love the way they only shout every 10th word in their theme song–just like they do for the REAL Black-Eyed Peas! Having Khloe Kardashian on as a guest was also an inspired choice. The other main joke of the show–that Fergie and Will.i.am keep coming out to steal it–works less well. Jay Pharaoh, who does a lot of great impressions, pretty much completely blows it as Will and Miley’s Fergie lacks that off-kilter, “she-could-do-something-stupid-at-any-second” flair.

Raven-Symoné (HAHAHAHA)

We don’t know why we loved this sketch so much. Miley Cyrus played herself alongside Keenan Thompson as Raven-Symoné (!) in this fake ad for the Disney Channel Acting School. In the sketch, they parody the network’s live action shows (like “Hannah Montana”), by capturing a bunch of the genre’s weird tropes, like bizarrely shouting characters, weird neon outfits and peaking around doorways. We’re not sure how wise it is for Miley to bite the hand that feeds her, but for the sake of our amusement, we’re glad she did.

Miley Cyrus (HAHAHA ha), Billy Ray Cyrus (HAHAHA) and Justin Bieber (HAHAHAHA ha)

We knew that Vanessa Bayer HAD to do a version of her “Miley Cyrus Show” sketch for this week’s episode, but we were worried as to what they’d do with it. There have been so many awkward, “celeb impression meets real person” moments on the show. So we were glad to see Miley Cyrus come on as Justin Bieber, rather than herself. We were even more glad to see that Miley nails her Bieber impression–the slouch, the hair flip, the dreamy/spacey way of speaking. Strong work, Miley. Bayer’s impression was, as always, spot on, though at times we get distracted by the size of her mouth. Seriously, what size of fruit do you think she could fit in there: naval orange? Grapefruit?


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