Eddie Alvarez Explains Why He Signed With Bellator (Hint: It Rhymes With Honey)

This Saturday night, Bellator premieres on MTV2 with Bellator 35, which is sure to be an ass-kicking good time. One fighter who won’t be in the ring on Saturday, but is among the guys we’re most looking forward to watch pound faces on MTV2, is Eddie Alvarez. Eddie inked a deal with Bellator back in 2008 and went on to win a huge fight against Roger Huerta at Bellator 33. Now he’s indisputably the best fighter in Bellator, and arguably the best lightweight in the whole world.

We recently sat down with Eddie to talk about why he signed with Bellator (hint: the answer rhymes with honey) and that epic fight against Huerta. Check out the video below and then check out Bellator on MTV2 this Saturday, March 5 at 9p/8c.