A Comprehensive Guide To The ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast’s Tattoos

GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) is part of the daily routine for the “Jersey Shore” cast. They do it whether they’re going out to creep, fist-pump or smoosh the night away. But every once in awhile, they like to mix things up and switch out “Tan” for “Tattoo.”

Ink on the Jersey Shore is as common as orange spray tans. After all, muscles can get lonely without Ed Hardy clothing, so tribal designs do their best to compensate. In the time we’ve known Pauly D, The Situation, Vinny, Ronnie, JWOWW, Snooki, Sammi and now Deena (Angelina 2.0), we’ve gotten to know their body maps and seen their ink grow. So that future generations don’t lose any details of this decade’s most important reality stars, here is a comprehensive guide to their tattoos.

­Pauly D

Where: Left shoulder
Meaning: Dragons are rad.

Pauly D name
Where: Tramp stamp
Meaning: It’s his name.

Italian flag
Where: Middle back
Meaning: Guido pride

Tribal design
Where: Across back/shoulder blades
Meaning: Looks tough

Cross, Jesus and Mary
: Right shoulder quarter sleeve, inside right arm, right calf
Meaning: Honors Billy Iannotti, a friend who died in a motorcycle accident.

Cadillac logo
Where: Written armpit to hip on his right side
Meaning: Loves Cadillacs, but recently bought a 2011 Mercedes-Benz S550.

Large Star
Where: Left elbow.
Meaning: Tribute to buddy’s online clothing store, Dirty Couture


Praying hands
Where: Right side stomach
Meaning: It’s a Catholic thing.

Where: Back left shoulder
Meaning: It’s a Catholic thing.

Heaven and Hell
Where: Right shoulder quarter sleeve
Meaning: Elaborate reminder of the line between good and evil (it’s a Catholic thing).


Angel statue, Sicilian imagery, “Forza”
Where: Left shoulder quarter sleeve
Meaning: Based on the Sicilian Trinacria, it symbolizes the southern Italian island and Catholic culture. “Forza” means “Force” in Italian.

Where: Right shoulder blade
Meaning: Yet another Catholic thing.

­The Situation

Ripped muscles
Where: Everywhere
Meaning: “I’ve never gotten ink because I work so hard on my physique it seems a crime against nature,” The Situation wrote in his book. However, if he did get inked, he’d like one of Jesus “with ripped abs” or “Nana’s chicken piccata recipe.”


Where: Left rib cage
Meaning: Do dragons bite the heads off their mates after sex? JWOWW does.

Flower and wings
Where: Inside right ankle
Meaning: It’s a mystery. She usually angles it away from camera during photo shoots.


Where: None
Meaning: Body art would likely mar her “sweetheart” image. However, she doesn’t frown upon getting inked since she held Ronnie’s hand through his latest tattoo experience.


Orchid, Stars, “Live Love Laugh”
Where: Left rib cage
Meaning: “I’m loud, crazy, random and at times quirky and love to laugh. It’s kinda my best thing,” she says.


Orange tanned skin
Where: Everywhere
Meaning: She likes to be tanned and has so far avoided being tattooed. Although, this Wisconsin man honored her by getting a “Snooki” tattoo.