10 Beautiful Women Who Got Started On MTV

From Madonna to JWOWW, MTV has always been something of a halfway home for hotties. Some of the sexiest women in entertainment got their start on MTV before moving on to bigger (though not always better) things. Here are 10 VJs, video vixens, game show hosts and more who sprung forth from the MTV babe factory.

Jenny McCarthy

For a brief period during the mid ’90s, McCarthy was everywhere–posing for “Playboy,” hosting “Singled Out” and even starring on her own sketch comedy show opposite future TV luminaries like Will Forte and Melissa McCarthy. “Singled Out” put McCarthy on the map and led to her short-lived NBC sitcom “Jenny.” (On the spectrum of ’90s “Must See TV” shows, it was better than “Boston Common” but no “Hope & Gloria.”) While she’s more known for her dating life and social causes these days, McCarthy will always be remembered for making the world safe for babes with a penchant for raunchy jokes. (You can thank/blame her for Olivia Munn.)

Alicia Silverstone

While Silverstone first turned heads in the campy thriller “The Crush,” it was her role in the Aerosmith video “Cryin'” that really put her on the map. After being spurned by her jerky boyfriend (played by Stephen Dorff, of course), Alicia gets her belly button pierced, drop-kicks Sawyer from “Lost” (seriously, watch it), and goes bungee jumping off a freeway overpass. Oh, the ’90s. Silverstone’s work in Aerosmith videos (one of which finds her pole dancing with Liv Tyler) eventually got her noticed by “Clueless” director Amy Heckerling. While she’s pretty much vanished from showbiz since, we’ll always remember the days when Alicia Silverstone made out with Jason London in virtual reality for the “Amazing” video.

Cindy Crawford

Sure, Cindy Crawford was one of the biggest supermodels of the ’80s, but her gig hosting MTV’s “House of Style” (1989-1995) boosted Crawford’s profile and led to Pepsi commercials and ill-fated action movies opposite lesser Baldwins. By the way, isn’t it time for a Cindy Crawford comeback?

Daisy Fuentes

It’s hard to think about “MTV Spring Break” or “Rock ‘N’ Jock” (MTV showed sports once, kids) without also picturing Daisy Fuentes in a bikini. Fuentes was the most popular VJ during the ’90s, hosting scores of MTV programs before moving on to spokesmodel gigs and a short-lived talk show. (They were basically handing those out in the ’90s.) Daisy still hovers in that Mario Lopez host/spokesperson level of fame today, though her hair is far less frizzy than it was in 1994.

Martha Quinn

For men of a certain age (translation: old), the original MTV VJs will always be the greatest. With her girl-next-door-who-would-probably-lend-you-her-Replacements-album look, Quinn was the first crush for those with of us with fond memories of downing Tab and watching Asia videos. These days Quinn (who is still pretty cute) is reliving the days of tube socks and Mark Goodman’s Juan Epstein fro over on Sirius Radio’s “’80s on 8.”

Vanessa Minnillo

While many attractive women have come out of the “TRL”-Tron 5000, few have risen to level of fame of model, actress and future Mrs. Nick Lachey Vanessa Minnillo. In recent years, Minnillo has turned up in a funny guest spot on “30 Rock” and let Lindsay Lohan hold a knife to her throat in some racy photos for reasons we can’t quite remember.

Hilarie Burton

Before her role as Peyton Sawyer on the seemingly endless “One Tree Hill,” Burton was the peppy, cute host of “TRL” opposite fellow VJs Damien and La La. Burton is one of the few celebrities who has parlayed a VJ gig into a respectable post-MTV career. (Sorry, Jesse Camp.)

Tawny Kitaen

With a name like Tawny Kitaen, you basically have two career options: porn or hair metal videos. Luckily for prepubescent boys during the ’80s, Kitaen took the latter route, appearing in tons of Whitesnake videos opposite then boyfriend David Coverdale. Sadly, the years have not been kind to Kitaen, who was back on VH1 on “Celebrity Rehab.”

Kari Wuhrer

As Ken Ober’s sexy sidekick on “Remote Control,” Wuher appeared in segments like “Sing Along with Kari” and traded quips with Colin Quinn and a young Adam Sandler. Thanks to MTV, Wuhrer would go on to the Jerry O’Connell dimension-hopping series “Sliders” and about a million B-movies where she takes off her top and makes out with Eric Roberts.

Serena Altschul

As the face of MTV News during the late ’90s, Altschul made us care about what the *NSYNC member with the weird dreads was up to. Actual news networks like CNN and CBS also took notice, and soon rescued Altschul from reporting on Eminem’s domestic disputes. These days you can find her on CBS Sunday Morning (and on Facebook) generally being awesome.

Update: Thanks to “Guy Code” and “Girl Code,” we can add (at least) a couple more ladies to this list…

Melanie Iglesias

melanie iglesias makeup room

She’s become one of the most popular models out there today (and queen of Reddit’s “most fappable” poll), but it seems like just yesterday she joined “Guy Code” for Season One. Since then, she’s helped make “Girl Code,” “Guy Court” and “Off The Bat From the MLB Fan Cave” the awesome shows they are. She’s beautiful, funny, cool…you’d think somebody would ask her to get married for once?

Carly Aquilino


She may be as blunt as her hair is red, but Carly’s brutal honesty has made her one of guys’ favorite “Girl Code” cast members. (Those tattoos help as well.) After just two seasons on MTV2, she has almost 500,000 Twitter followers, and she deserves ‘em all for being so damn funny. We’ll always cherish our garbage dump photo shoot with her.

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