Guitar Hero Is Dead

Sad news this morning for people who prefer playing video-game guitars over real ones: “Guitar Hero,” the original fake guitar video game, is no longer. Activision, the company that’s made some $2 billion on the game, has decided to stop producing new versions because it’s no longer profitable given the enormous licensing and manufacturing costs. The silver lining here is that the company will continue to sell the old games, it just won’t be making new ones. That’s a huge blow to all you fans of bands that haven’t yet received their own version of “Guitar Hero.” I know I was personally looking forward to a Hüsker Dü or Flock of Seagulls “Guitar Hero.” I heard you had your eyes on a Kenny Loggins version. Now none of those will ever happen.

As we mourn the loss of “Gutiar Hero,” I thought it would be an approriate time to whip out a few videos of people destroying their “Guitar Hero” equipment. What will these kids destory now? Won’t anyone think of the kids?