7 Important Things Plus Lauren Sneed Is D-lightful

LADIES Lauren Sneed says she has a sexy demeanor [XXL Mag]
It’s awful difficult to look beyond the other Ds.

THIS IS YOUR PILOT RAPPING B.o.B performs on Delta airlines flight [RapRadar]
This is in-flight entertainment done right.

BOARDS Sage Kotsenburg lands first cab 1440 double cork [Snow]
He didn’t just land it–he nailed it.

OCTAGON Steven Seagal claims to have invented the front kick [Film Drunk]
It happened somewhere in the time-space continuum between Saturday and “Above the Law.”

HAUNTED 7 of the freakiest children’s commercials [Unreality]
Don’t be fooled by the pigtails–Wendy is actually a serial killer.

NO MORE 16 discontinued sodas [Urlesque]
Oh Surge, how I miss your fully loaded citrusy-ness.

EDITED Black Eyed Peas’ Wikipedia entry hacked during Super Bowl [HuffPo]
The Wikipedia version of live tweeting.

WRAPPED 21 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your geeky love [Walyou]
Give the gift of geek.

Photo: XXL Mag/Davide