Cute Girl Ruins Face With Gucci Mane Ice Cream Tattoo

It was only a matter of time.

That ice cream cone tattoo that Gucci Mane got inked on his face last month was so icey it was hot, meaning someone had to replicate it. We just didn’t think it would be a cute girl. (Trust us, she was cute before going under the needle.)

No word on who she is or whether or not she had previously spent time in a mental facility, but it looks as if she took the design as is without bothering to give it a personal touch. Like, she could’ve totally opted for strawberry scoops or added a few sprinkles to the cream. Seriously, it would’ve been nice if she could have added something to give her face tat a little personality.

Actually, we’re not sure this thing is even real. It kind of resembles those eyeliner drawings of horseshoes and half-naked women girls sketched on their arms in 2007 when they were dressing up as Amy Winehouse for Halloween. But we’re not tattoo artists; we’ve never embedded ink into anyone’s face, so maybe it is real. One thing we are sure about, though, is if this thing is insane. The answer is yes.

Via GossipBerry