The Lingerie Football League’s 6 Best Touchdown Celebrations

If we were to go into all the things that make the Lingerie Football League better than the NFL (the players are cuter, the players are in lingerie, Tom Brady’s not involved, etc.) we’d be here for a hell of a long time. So with the Lingerie Bowl this weekend, we thought we’d skip right to the top of the list and talk about the number one thing that’s better about the LFL: The touchdown celebrations. As you no doubt know, the NFL has cracked down on touchdown celebrations like China has cracked down on political dissent. That’s the big reason why the nickname “No Fun League” has caught on so well.

Things are different in the LFL, where touchdown celebrations are an art form. To celebrate the art form like the connoisseurs that we are, here are the six best touchdown celebrations from this season in Lingerie Football.

­The “We’re Not Worthy”


­The Jump Into The Crowd So A Fan Can Rub Your Stomach


­The Touchdown Booty Drop


­The Full Moons


­Bowling For Babes


­Making Sweet Love To The Field

Photo: © Eddie Perlas/