The Average American Will Consume This Many Calories On Super Bowl Sunday

The only thing Americans love more than football is food and football. A lot of food, especially on Super Bowl Sunday. I read today that approximately 100 million pounds of chicken wings would be consumed this Sunday, which got me thinking, just many how calories is that? As you’ll see below, it’s a lot.

Of course it’s not only wings that Americans will be feasting on: Americans will eat 13 million pounds of guacamole, 30 million slices of pizza and 11 million pounds of potato chips on Sunday, among other things. That doesn’t even include deli meats. One source says that “Americans will consume 50 billion pounds in cold cuts,” which seems pretty insane, so I called the American Meat Institute for its figure and they could not provide one. So you can add to the total in this graph any meats, desserts, soda and whatever else you plan to devour. Also, given last year’s record viewership of 106 million, and the popularity of the Packers and Steelers, we estimated an audience of 110 million here. Lastly, be advised that I wholeheartedly support massive, unchecked consumption of every delightful and disgusting food you may desire this Sunday. Here goes: